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Your Healthy Supply of 8 Amsety Nutrition Bars per Month

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No refined sugar
Very Low Sodium

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$19.99 per month
$19.99 per month

Amsety Nutrition Bar - Trial Pack (4 bars)

Not sure which flavor to choose? Get our trial pack of 4 Amsety Bars and try both!

No refined sugar
Very Low Sodium
$12.99 for 4 bars

Both bars were very good, they had great flavor. I had them for breakfast and they kept me full for hours. Cannot wait to buy more.

Lonnie, Amsety customer from Ohio

12 Amsety Nutrition Bars in a Box – One Time Order

Get a Box of 8 Amsety Bars of tasty Peanut Butter Superstar or delicious Dark Chocolate Champion.

No refined sugar
Very Low Sodium
$23.99 for 8 bars
$23.99 for 8 bars

I would recommend the Amsety Bars to anyone, as a much healthier choice over any of the other nutrition bars I have tried.

Chad Kilgore - Chef from San Diego, California with a passion for creating sustainable healthy lifestyles. Chef Chad has been a repeat Chef at the Flavors events with the American Liver Foundation.

Amsety Loves Liver Health - Customers Love Amsety

4.8 out of 5 stars
(1147 reviews)
, California
Nutrition Bar
"I've been searching for the best bar for liver & I found it! Nutritious & delicious! Strongly recommend to anyone with liver issues or general health."

, Arizona
Great taste.. recommended
"theses taste great and are healthy for you.. thanks for the sample.. will be buying some soon!"

, Alabama
Delicious and Healthy!!!!
"They are really good. They don't taste like an average health bar, and aren't like a candy bar. I enjoyed one of the bars after track and field practice, and it was enjoyable. It made me feel good and healthy. Thank you Amsety!!!!!"

, Colorado
love that they are not too sweet
"I love their taste and that they are not too sweet. I feel like they are so satisfying because I think that's what my body needs. I feel good knowing about the benefits to my liver health!"

, Michigan
Great Taste and Healthy
"I have tried a lot, and I mean a lot of nutrition bars and none have tasted as good at both the Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Amsety Bars! These bars are well worth trying out and I am ordering some today!"

I would recommend the Amsety Bars to anyone, as a much healthier choice over any of the other nutrition bars I have tried.

Bill Remak – Cancer and liver disease survivor, Two time liver transplant recipient. Founder of the California Hepatitis Task Force and the National Association of Hepatitis Task Force.

We’re Happy to Answer Your Questions

Why are Amsety Bars so good for the liver?

Amsety Bars were designed to fit the nutritional profile of liver patients. Amsety Bar contains no gluten, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Where are Amsety Bars made?

Amsety Bars are made in the U.S.

Are there any common allergens?

The dark chocolate contains a small amount of soy. Amsety Bars may contain traces of tree nuts, nut shell fragments or soy because they are produced in a facility that processes these ingredients. Amsety Bars do not contain: milk/dairy, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat/gluten.

What if I don‘t like Amsety Bars?

If you are not completely satisfied with Amsety Bars, you may return your purchase within 30 days for a refund or replacement. You will receive your credit within 7-10 business days.

Where can I buy Amsety Bars?

You can buy Amsety Bars only here on our official website Amsety Bars are not available in any stores or pharmacies. At this time we only ship to customers in the U.S.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Please contact our customer service to cancel or change your subscription model – We do not apply any cancellation fees and have no minimum cancellation period.

Do Amsety Bars contain sodium and gluten?

Amsety Bars are completely sodium and gluten-free! The peanut butter flavor does contain oats. Oats do not naturally contain gluten but are sometimes subjected to cross-contamination with grains that do contain gluten. Our oats have been carefully selected for their special handling and do not contain gluten.

Which payment options do I have?

You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal.

We Are Happy to Help

Please note that we do not provide any medical advice, diagnoses, procedures, tests or therapies on our website. Amsety does not offer any medical diagnosis or treatment advice and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As a liver patient, you should always discuss your diet with your doctor.