How do Amsety Bars support my Liver Health?

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"The patients love the bars and are using them as a dietary supplement or a snack - whatever!"

Paul J. Pockros, MD, Director, Liver Disease Center Scripps Clinic Director of Clinical Research, Scripps Translational Science Institute La Jolla, California

10 Liver Health Tips on Fatty Liver

Do you have Fatty Liver Disease? You’re not alone. Fatty Liver Disease is considered one of the most common diseases in the western world. It occurs when there is an excess accumulation of fat in the liver. Depending on the cause, fatty liver disease can be controlled or treated with lifestyle modification and diet changes. Find out more here…

About Amsety Bars

Amsety Bars are the first nutrition bars designed to support liver health. The ingredients are based specifically on the dietary restrictions of those with liver conditions. Developed by leading liver specialists, food engineers and scientists, Amsety Bars feature a unique Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix essential for supporting liver health. Find out what makes Amsety Bars the perfect solution for your liver nutrition.

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Amsety Loves Liver Health - Customers Love Amsety

Amsety Loves Liver Health - Customers Love Amsety

5 out of 5 stars ( 98 reviews )
, South Carolina
I eat them every day
"I eat an Amsety Bar every day at my desk. I like eating the Amsety Bars because when I take vitamins and minerals on their own, they upset my stomach. When I eat the Amsety Bars, I know I am getting my vitamins and minerals and they do not upset me stomach. Since I eat them every day, I am looking forward to trying out some new flavors in the future!"

, Oregon
Good for my liver health
"I really feel that by eating the Amsety Bars, I'm really doing something good for my liver health."

, US
"Organic and non gmo is the way to go!"

, US
"Your bars are yumalicious!"

, Maine
The chocolate Amsety Bar tastes DELICIOUS!
"Hopefully more liver patients will get a chance to try the bars!"