Amsety Bars will be back in stock in January. In the meantime, qualify for a free sample here >
Amsety Bars will be back in stock in January. In the meantime, qualify for a free sample here >

98% of liver experts would recommend this product to their patients!

Support your liver health today with the first nutrition bar for liver health!

Super 16 ™

No Refined Sugar


Very Low Sodium


A revolutionary product

Liver Experts Agree Nutrition Is The Most Important Factor

93% of liver experts agree that nutrition is the most important factor for liver health. Yet, those with liver conditions have a hard time getting the proper nutrition because they have many restrictions in their diet. As a result, nutrition for the liver is an unmet problem.

Liver Experts

"No Refined Sugar, Very Low Sodium, Organic" Make Up The Key Attributes For A Healthy Liver Diet

We asked liver experts what properties of food make a healthy liver diet. 70% ranked "No Refined Sugar" as the most important property, followed by "Very Low Sodium" and "Organic". Finding products that fulfill these requirements can be challenging since sometimes sodium or sugar can sneak up where it's least expected.

Amsety Bar Is The First Nutrition Bar To Support Liver Health

We have developed the first nutrition bar for liver health: the Amsety Nutrition Bar. 98% of liver experts would recommend Amsety Nutrition Bars to their patients. Developed by a team of leading liver specialists, scientists and food engineers, we combine a unique Super 16 Vitamin and Mineral™ formula essence.*

Super 16

Trusted by liver experts

"I've been handling out the bars to patients during our hepatology clinic visits, and patients are very happy to have a low sodium "grab and got" option."

Lauren Wagner

RD, Abdominal Transplant Dietitian at Transplant Institute Keck Medical Center USC

profile Lauren Wagner

A healthy liver diet with Amsety

A healthy liver with Amsety


Designed based on the dietary restrictions of those with liver conditions

Liver patients have specific dietary restrictions. We kept these in mind when designing the Amsety Bars. They are gluten-free, very low in sodium, lactose-free, dairy-free, organic, and contain no refined sugar!

Includes a Unique Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix™

Our unique Super 16™ helps liver patients manage their daily diets due to its healthy and nutrients dense formula. It provides sufficient energy intake for liver patients and supports oral intake among patients with poor appetites.

Only the finest ingredients

Amsety Bars come in two delicious flavors: dark chocolate and peanut butter. We use only the finest ingredients with top local suppliers, manufactured in sunny California!


Combined Nutrition Study Results: AASLD's Liver Meeting, Boston Massachusetts, November 12-15th 2016 and Digestive Disease Week, San Diego California, May 22-24 2016

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