Healthy Recipes

The Appetizer Salad

Our Appetizer Salad is incredibly adaptable. This salad can be prepared as a liver healthy meal or an appetizer to share with the entire family. This Mediterranean inspired dish uses fresh ingredients containing healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins needed to improve your liver health.

Avocado Salad

You wouldn't want just any salad for breakfast, but Amsety's Avocado Salad will be a new morning favorite! This refreshing and zesty salad will help you have a healthy start to your morning. This recipe is simple to prepare and will help boost your energy level.

Waldorf Lunch Salad

This salad is perfect for anyone with a long commute! Amsety's Waldorf Lunch Salad contains nutrients that are essential for healing liver and promoting weight loss. Bring this salad on a picnic or use it meal prep for the week.

Easy Healthy Snacks for Improved Liver Health

Knowing easy healthy snacks can encourage healthy snacking, discourage unhealthy food temptations, improve liver health and save time. Read our article to learn about snacking healthily without the hassle.

Cheap Healthy Meals to Improve Liver Health

Knowing cheap healthy meals can improve your bank account and liver health. Read our article on cheap healthy recipes, plus tips on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Gluten-Free Lunch Ideas for a Healthy Liver

Knowing gluten free lunch ideas can improve liver health. Read our article for gluten free lunch ideas and to learn about gluten and gluten intolerances.

Easy Healthy Recipes for Liver Health

Our busy lives do not leave much time for long hours in the kitchen or deciphering a complicated recipe. We are more likely eat healthy recipes if they are easy to prep, cook or bake.

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