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Amsety's Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix® Supporting Liver Health


Naturally supports your liver health


Includes essential vitamins and minerals for liver health


Balances your daily diet


Supports daily nutrient intake

Amsety's Super 16 Vitamin and Mineral Mix® is created by leading US liver specialists and food engineers to provide the essential vitamins and minerals for optimal liver health.

It's important to maintain a healthy, whole foods diet. That's why our unique blend is carefully designed to include the properties of natural foods that best support healthy liver functions.

The Super 16 Vitamin and Mineral Mix® includes a carrot's vitamin A, an orange's vitamin C, and spinach's vitamin E to promote the 16 most beneficial plant-based vitamins and minerals for liver health.

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Included in our Amsety Bars is the Super 16 Mix® - a unique blend of 16 vitamins and minerals essential to support your liver health. Together with US liver specialists, food engineers and suppliers, we identified and selected the best ingredients to include in our Amsety Bars.

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The Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix® in a nutrition bar for the first time

Amsety Bars Super 16
  • Includes the Super 16 Mix® of essential vitamins and minerals for liver health, many of which are difficult to find in regular meals or even supplements.

  • Helps liver patients manage their daily diets due to healthy and nutrient dense formula.

  • Provides sufficient energy intake for liver patients and supports oral intake among patients with poor appetites.

  • A healthy on-the-go snack that helps liver patients manage a complicated lifestyle resulting from liver disease.

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Please note that we do not provide any medical advice, diagnoses, procedures, tests or therapies on our website. Amsety does not offer any medical diagnosis or treatment advice and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As a liver patient, you should always discuss your diet with your doctor.