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Liver Detox: Is it necessary?

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Just the Basics

You may have heard that it's important for your liver to detox. What you may not be aware of is this magnificent organ's natural ability to clean itself.

Learn from Amsety whether a liver detox is right for you!

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Liver Detox: Do I Need One?

Liver Detox

Many products claim to cleanse and detoxify the liver. What many people are unaware of, however, is the liver's natural ability to regenerate!

How does it do this?
The liver is the main organ responsible for detoxification. It regenerates through hormones that it produces itself. What we eat affects the stimulation of these hormones.

While companies may offer products to assist in "liver flushing" or "liver cleansing", the liver actually detoxifies itself whether you use these products or not. The most important action you can take is treating the cause of liver injury.

There are two steps to optimal liver health:

  1. Maintain a healthy diet so your liver is able to regenerate.
  2. Minimize injury to your liver by avoiding harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, and other toxins.
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Important Facts

Important Facts
  • 98% of the liver is composed of water.
  • The liver needs certain vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy. That's why Amsety Bars include the unique Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix™ supporting liver health.
  • The liver is the most complex and largest internal organ.
  • The liver is the only internal organ that can regenerate its own cells. Even if only 25% of the liver is healthy, it can regenerate the other 75% of its cells (However, sometimes scarring occurs in the regeneration process as a result of liver damage or disease. This can lead to complications such as fibrosis).
  • 10% of the liver is fat. If the liver's fat composition exceeds 10%, it is classified as fatty liver disease.
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Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix™ Supporting Liver Health

Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix
  • Naturally supports your liver health

  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals for liver health

  • Balances your daily diet

  • Supports daily nutrient intake

Amsety's Super 16 Vitamin and Mineral Mix™ is created by leading US liver specialists and food engineers to provide the essential vitamins and minerals for optimal liver health.

It's important to maintain a healthy, whole foods diet. That's why our unique blend is carefully designed to include the properties of natural foods that best support healthy liver functions.

The Super 16 Vitamin and Mineral Mix™ includes a carrot's vitamin A, an orange's vitamin C, and spinach's vitamin E to promote the 16 most beneficial plant-based vitamins and minerals for liver health.

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Why Amsety Bars Are Good For Your Liver

Amsety has introduced the first nutrition bar including the Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix™. Amsety Bars were created specifically to meet the dietary requirements of individuals with liver conditions and support liver health. Amsety Bars are only available online. Visit Amsety's online shop.

Amsety Bars Super 16
  • Includes the Super 16™ Mix of essential vitamins and minerals for liver health, many of which are difficult to find in regular meals or even supplements.

  • Helps liver patients manage their daily diets due to healthy and nutrient dense formula.

  • Provides sufficient energy intake for liver patients and supports oral intake among patients with poor appetites.

  • A healthy on-the-go snack that helps liver patients manage a complicated lifestyle resulting from liver disease.

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Super 16 Bennefits


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