Amsety Bars will be back soon. In the meantime, download our new Liver Health Coach App >
Amsety Bars will be back soon. In the meantime, download our new Liver Health Coach App >

Health Tips

The liver is vital for good health. It processes everything we eat, drink, inhale and even absorb through our skin!

Make sure you take good care of it – the liver performs over 500 functions in your body! Keep your liver health a top priority.

A nutritious diet, exercise, and good lifestyle choices will lead you to optimum liver health! Read this article to find out how to start.

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Just the Basics on Liver Health


Your lifestyle has a huge effect on your liver health.

The liver has an amazing ability to regenerate damaged cells, even when as much as 75% of it is damaged! However, if you consistently make poor lifestyle choices, your liver may pass the point of healing.

Your liver’s inability to function properly affects many aspects of your health. Poor lifestyle choices can lead to fatty liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. It can also worsen other conditions such as diabetes.

The following health tips will help you reach outstanding liver health!

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Health Tips: Do’s and Don’ts!


Eat well

The liver metabolizes and stores nutrients. Thus, the food you give your liver to process directly affects its health. Poor nutrition causes liver damage and can lead to complications like fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

Control your medications

Always take your medications correctly. All medication is processed by the liver and taking too much, the wrong combination or the wrong type can be very damaging. Talk to your physician about what is right for you.


Regular physical activities has huge benefits for liver health! Exercise will improve your immune system and help you maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is the major cause of fatty liver disease and other health complications.

Get vaccinated

There are vaccines available for hepatitis A and B which prevent disease contraction. Don’t take any risks, get vaccinated!

Make home-made meals

Cooking at home ensures you know exactly what's in your food. Limit added salt and sugar. Use herbs, lemon and vinegar for more flavor.


Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is a poison for your body. When you drink your liver must detoxify your blood. Excessive drinking can irreparably damage your liver, heart and brain cells. This can lead to complications like alcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

Eat in unhygienic places

Hepatitis A can be contracted when you ingest food or water that contains small fecal particles. It is important to choose hygienic places to eat, especially when travelling in less developed countries.

Ingest toxins

Everything that you eat, breathe, and touch will be processed by the liver. If you are dealing with toxic substances like chemicals or insecticides make sure you wear a mask, long sleeves, and gloves.

Have unprotected sex

hepatitis B and C can be transmitted through the exchange of sexual fluids and blood with someone who is infected. Use one condom for each new sexual encounter.

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