Cirrhosis Diet

A healthy diet is the most important lifestyle change you can make for managing cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis prevents the liver from functioning properly. Scar tissue makes it harder for blood to flow and slows down the liver’s processing of hormones, drugs, toxins and nutrients.

There is no cure for cirrhosis because scar tissue cannot be repaired. However, improved nutrition can stop its progress.

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Cirrhosis Causes


Awareness of the common causes of cirrhosis is helpful for understanding the best treatment.

Cirrhosis can be caused by anything that damages the liver. The most common causes are:

Eating well dramatically decreases your chance of developing fatty liver disease. However, a healthy diet is helpful in the treatment of cirrhosis regardless of the cause.

Add these healthy tips into your daily diet to help your liver heal.

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Cirrhosis: Healthy Diet

Eat me!


Protein is an important part of a well-balanced diet. Choose lean protein sources with low fat like beans, legumes, and fish.

Low calorie foods

Reducing your calories will lead to a slimmer body and make it easier for the liver to function. Fruits, vegetables, and beans are low in calories and high in fiber, so you will stay full for longer.


If nutrients aren’t broken down properly, more fat develops in the liver. Antioxidants help break down nutrients. Berries and green tea are great sources.

Natural vitamins and minerals

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps the liver regenerate cells. Green leafy vegetables have the highest nutrient content.

Healthy fats

Omega 3 and monounsaturated fats improve your liver’s ability to produce glucose and reduce fat. Nuts, seeds, and avocado are excellent sources.

Avoid these!


Sodium raises your blood pressure, restricts blood flow, harms kidney functioning. Pay attention to how much salt is in your food by reading nutritional information on packages and cooking at home. Avoid cured meats.


It is damaging to your liver to process alcohol. If your cirrhosis is due to alcoholic fatty liver disease, do not drink any type of alcohol. For other conditions, drink infrequently and never binge.

Unhealthy fats

Trans and saturated fats contribute to a fatty liver. Eat less meat and dairy and limit your use of oil in cooking. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is particularly harmful and linked to cancer.

Simple carbs

Simple carbohydrates spike sugar levels in your blood because they are processed by the body so quickly. Avoid white bread, candy, and baked goods.


Genetically modified foods contain toxins that are hard on the liver. Common sources are dairy and processed foods that contain soy and corn like sugary breakfast cereals.

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