Amsety surveyed specialists attending 2016 AASLD’s Liver Meeting in Boston – the world’s largest conference for liver health (American Association for the Study of Liver Disease). This annual conference was attended by 9,500 hepatologists and liver health experts.

Further, Amsety also conducted a nutrition survey at San Diego’s Digestive Disease Week last year.

The overwhelmingly positive response from liver health experts confirms that we have achieved our goal in creating the best nutrition bar for liver health.

Why is Nutrition Important for Liver Health

Today, liver disease affects over 30 million people in the United States.

Liver health experts agree that nutrition is the single most important factor affecting liver health. The surveyed experts rated nutrition the most important factor for liver health, even above alcohol abstinence, exercise, and medication. For both prevention and treatment, it is essential to eat right.

Healthy Diet

The food we eat has a huge impact on liver health. Regularly eating food with low nutritional quality severely damages the liver, while a healthy diet helps the liver to regenerate cells.

But what exactly is a healthy diet? We asked liver health specialists.

In a liver-healthy diet, the food property experts consider most important is “no or low sodium”, closely followed by “no refined sugars”, and “organic ingredients”. We designed the Amsety Bar to follow all three of these health essentials.

Our Taste

Physicians also emphasize the importance of taste in food designed for health. Regular consumption of nutritious food is what leads to improved liver health.

Liver health experts approved of Amsety’s creamy peanut butter and rich, dark chocolate flavors. These satisfying, chewy bars contain organic ingredients and brown rice, and are naturally sweetened with honey. The delicious taste of Amsety Bars keep our customers coming back for more.

About Us

Created in California with the expertise of leading US liver specialists, Amsety Bars are the first nutrition bar designed specifically for liver health.

Amsety’s 100% organic ingredients, free of sodium, refined sugars, and gluten, make Amsety Bars the clear favorite for liver health experts.

Make the Expert Choice. Choose Amsety.

Try Peanut Butter Superstar and Dark Chocolate Bliss Today!

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Does not contain refined sugar
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