Dark chocolate Champion

$29.99 / month

(pack of 12 bars)

Your liver health benefits

Treat your liver well and ensure a sufficient intake of important nutrients, included in Amsety‘s Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix™

Eat healthy! Our monthly delivery right to your front door is the best start for a liver-friendly diet

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Did you know physicians often recommend a late night snack to ensure your liver functions properly throughout night? Have your healthy Amsety Bar always on hand!

Amsety Bars taste delicious paired with fruits, yogurt and even coffee! Enjoy Amsety Bars for breakfast, add it to your lunch, dinner or enjoy it as a snack on the go!

You won‘t be bored with our liver-friendly recipes using Amsety Bars


"It is encouraging that the very tasty nutrition bars provide the required vitamins and nutrients for patients with advanced liver disease."

"I’ve been handing out the bars to patients during our hepatology clinic visits, and patients are very happy to have a low sodium “grab and go” option."

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Why are Amsety Bars so good for the liver?

Amsety Bar was curated with nutritional profile designed to supply essential vitamins and minerals. Amsety Bar contains no gluten, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

What’s inside the unique Super 16™ Mix?

The Super 16™ Mix is a unique blend of 16 vitamins and minerals essential to support your liver health. On top of much more, the Super 16 Vitamin and Mineral Mix™ includes a carrot's vitamin A, an orange's vitamin C, and spinach's vitamin E to promote the 16 most beneficial plant-based vitamins and minerals for liver health.

What do the bars taste like if they have no refined sugar?

Enjoy the chewy, nutty goodness of our Amsety Peanut Butter Superstar, or the decadent taste of our Dark Chocolate bar, which many say tastes like fudge. Amsety Bars are tasty and sweet as honey because they’re only sweetened with natural sources! Who needs refined sugar when you can get this amazing taste without any artificial junk?

Are there any common allergens in Amsety Bars?

The dark chocolate bars contain tree nuts (coconuts) and peanuts. The bars are manufactured in a facility that also processes eggs, soy, milk, wheat, and other tree nuts. The bars may contain shell and /or pit fragments. Amsety Bars do not contain: fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat/gluten, or milk.

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