Announcing our Amsety Halloween Contest Winners!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Halloween Contest! Yes, Halloween may be over, but we still have treats to give out!

Our overall winner
who stole our hearts was little Rikita dressed as a chick!

But wait… that’s not all! We were so impressed by the number of crazy, cute, and creepy costumes that we couldn’t choose just one winner! The best we could do was narrow it down to our Top Ten costume picks. Winners in ALL of these categories will receive a full box of 12 Amsety Bars! On top of that, as a thank you to everyone who posted a photo for our contest, we’re giving all of our Amsety trick-or-treaters a free trial pack!

Here are the rest of the winners
for the full box of 12 Amsety Bars!

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Healthy and happy snacking!

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“I wanted to let you know that I loved them. I especially loved not being overwhelmed with the taste of sugar when I bit into them.”

Mary Lou, NY

“Perfect Snack – enjoy it with Cucumber Water.”

Cybill, CA

“They are very good and I’d recommend them to anyone. I like that they promote and support a healthy liver and that they have several vitamins and minerals.”

Carissa, NY

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