Liver Health Goes Local: Amsety Bars Donated to San Diego Students!

Amsety wants to improve lives through nutrition. Mr. Newman, science teacher at E3 Civic High San Diego, has the same goal. Concerned for the health of his students, Mr. Newman asked for our support in providing healthy school snacks for his students.

Mr. Newman, E3 Civic’s 2015 teacher of the year, understands the huge benefits that wholesome food has on children’s grades at school and overall health. Amsety wants to make it easy for children to have healthy food. We donated nutrition bars to Mr. Newman’s students at E3 Civic High School.

What do your students typically snack on?

They eat a lot of junk food. Hot Cheetos, Takis, coffees filled with sugar, cookies, and Doritos are all favorites. They consume a lot of starchy and sweet carbohydrates. It’s really hard to watch a few of my students that are obese eat these things. Foods like these have a very high glycemic index and lead to blood sugar spikes, which leads to weight gain and eventually heart disease.

How did you find out about Amsety Bars?

To be honest, I stumbled upon your website randomly. I said to myself “I have hungry and undernourished students. What can I get donated that will feed them well? I can contact some nutrition bar companies.” I did a google search and sent out a few emails. Fortunately your company was able to give us such a kind donation.

What did your students think of the bars?

They like them. I really like to see them passing on the snacks given to us by the school district and choosing your bars instead. The snacks from the school district are disappointing in that they are low quality and are very high in sugars. Your bars are simply better for my students.

What makes Amsety Bar a healthy choice?

  • No refined sugar

    The first ingredient in both bars is honey. This is a lower glycemic index sweetener than table sugar and as a result is a better sweetener. The other sources of carbs, brown rice and oats, also have a lower glycemic index than ingredients like wheat flour. In summary, these slower release carbs do not create as much of a blood sugar spike as many other snack alternatives.

  • Low in carbohydrates

    26 grams of total carbs for the Peanut Butter Bars and and 28 grams of total carbs for the Dark Chocolate Bars is relatively low. Many snack foods, and even some nutrition bars labeled as ‘healthy’, have total carb counts as high as 40 or 50 per serving.

  • 100% organic

    I really like that your bars contain organic ingredients. Using organic products supports an economy that will keep our environment healthy. In addition, most foods that use non-organic ingredients introduce small amounts of pesticides and herbicides to our diets, which no one wants or needs.

  • Vitamins and nutrients

    I like also that there is some good nutrition in the bars. They have an addition of vitamins, minerals, and a good amount of protein.

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“I wanted to let you know that I loved them. I especially loved not being overwhelmed with the taste of sugar when I bit into them.”

Mary Lou, NY

“Perfect Snack – enjoy it with Cucumber Water.”

Cybill, CA

“They are very good and I’d recommend them to anyone. I like that they promote and support a healthy liver and that they have several vitamins and minerals.”

Carissa, NY

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