Amsety Celebrates Liver Awareness Month with Liver Score and Radio Interview

Amsety Introduces the Liver Score

We have launched a new feature on our website: a short quiz that gives you a personalized Liver Score. The 12 simple multiple-choice questions assess how healthy your lifestyle is for your liver, and cover liver disease symptoms, lifestyle habits and dietary habits. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete, and your quiz results may help you accomplish a healthier lifestyle.

Did You Hear? Amsety Was on the Radio!

In celebration of Liver Awareness Month, Mustafa Behan, the founder of Amsety, recently was invited to speak on the “Art of Femininity Radio Show.” Mustafa Behan and host Ivonne Cameron discussed various liver health topics, such as the health and science behind family dinners, and how a family member with diabetes turned a mathematician into an expert on nutrition. Your liver health can benefit a lot from awareness, Mustafa Behan said.

They also talked about why Amsety bars are a good alternative for people with liver disease and other medical conditions like diabetes. “Certain habits drive healthy eating,” Mustafa Behan added. Find out what they are and much more if you didn’t have a chance to listen. It’s not too late!

About Amsety Bars

Made from high-quality, vegetarian, kosher and 100% organic ingredients, the bars contain Super 16™, a nutrient-packed mix made from 16 plant based vitamins and minerals beneficial for liver health. The product contains no gluten, refined sugars, lactose or GMOs, and has very low sodium. 96% of liver specialists and other medical professionals surveyed recommend Amsety bars.

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Amsety – Loved from Coast to Coast

“I wanted to let you know that I loved them. I especially loved not being overwhelmed with the taste of sugar when I bit into them.”

Mary Lou, NY

“Perfect Snack – enjoy it with Cucumber Water.”

Cybill, CA

“They are very good and I’d recommend them to anyone. I like that they promote and support a healthy liver and that they have several vitamins and minerals.”

Carissa, NY

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