Carlsbad, California | December 2, 2019

Liver Health Experts agree that Amsety Bars can grant better nutrition for Liver Health – one of the most pressing health topics currently in the US.  


At the AASLD Liver Meeting in Boston in early November 2019, thousands of researchers and physicians gathered to discuss the liver health epidemic. These liver health experts concluded that fatty liver disease and its complications are a key health risk for around 100 million Americans and counting.

In an Amsety survey, 97% of liver health experts agreed that nutrition is the most important driving factor for liver health. This is ahead of abstinence of alcohol and medication which 75% and 28% of liver health experts rank respectively as important.

Given the undebatable importance of nutrition for liver health, Amsety Bars address a healthy liver diet and are the first and currently only nutrition bars to support liver health.

98% of liver health experts at the Liver Meeting claimed that they would recommend Amsety nutrition bars to their patients after reviewing Amsety’s nutrition facts.

While ranking the key food properties for liver health, liver health experts agreed on the absence of refined sugars, very low levels of sodium, and gluten to be the most important – all of these properties make Amsety Bars suitable for a healthy liver diet.


About Amsety:

Amsety was founded to support liver health and is headquartered in Carlsbad (California) and Berlin (Germany). Amsety developed the first nutrition bar to support liver health and meet the requirements of a liver healthy diet. The Amsety Bar includes the unique, patent pending Super 16 Vitamins & Mineral Mix® of nutrients scientifically proven to support liver functions. Amsety developed the Liver Health Score as a simple way to help define how healthy your lifestyle is for your liver health.

In 2018, Amsety ́s CEO Mustafa Behan was granted the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Business Award presented by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce as well as the Special Congressional Recognition.. Amsety Bars can be purchased at .