Karen Hoyt: 

If it were possible to see the future, what would the coming year hold in store for you? Maybe you’d like more energy to enjoy hobbies or travel. Perhaps you’d like to spend less time at the doctor’s office. It could be that you want to grow closer with friends and loved ones. I remember ending a year with a resolution to spend more money on health and wellness, and less money on medical bills. All of those things can be available to you right now. What are you waiting for?

You can move into your best supercharged life no matter what your current health status is. That is a huge claim, but for those who don’t know me, here’s the deal: I had an emergency room diagnosis with end stage liver disease where my whole body went into shock. My symptoms including swelling from ascites, internal bleeding varices, and kidney failure.

I resolved to save my own life by working with my doctor and made these positive changes.

I Started with My Diet:

My friends and family huddled and helped me research what kind of nutrition would help me stay alive. Yes, I had cirrhosis, but I was also suffering from malnourishment. Even more frightening, there were very few prepared foods that were safe for my liver. We started from scratch, beginning with sodium, protein, vitamins, and water.

I Learned Healthy Guidelines:

I learned that everything going into my mouth had the potential to harm, or to help. A trip to the store revealed that most meal replacement bars were not acceptable. It had to be the right balance of healthy vitamins and protein, along with less sodium and sugar. It was a daunting task, and 100% of my meals were made from scratch. I carried a bag of food with me everywhere.

I Helped Find Liver Friendly Foods:

Because my husband works in the health food industry, we were able to make wise choices, and I wrote a book titled The Liver Loving Diet. Not everyone has that kind of support. Thankfully, Amsety has made a huge breakthrough with their nutrition bars. They listened to liver experts and took part in developing the Amsety Bar, a meal replacement bar that is gluten-free, low sodium, non-GMO, vegetarian, and certified kosher. Best of all, it’s free of refined sugars, artificial colors and preservatives. In addition, they have a patent pending for the Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix® that promotes liver health.

“Now everyone has access to a liver friendly meal replacement bar. There’s no sweating about the sugar content, or how it will affect your liver. I invite you to spend some time on the website and take advantage of resources like a personalized Liver Health Score, free eBooks, and “liver friendly” recipes. With great flavors like peanut butter and dark chocolate, Iʼm pretty sure that you can reach your health goals this year. Order your Amsety Bars today. What are you waiting for?”

— Karen Hoyt 

About Karen 

Karen Hoyt is a liver disease activist and Hepatitis C survivor who started ihelpc.com (Your Best Friends Guide, while living with end stage cirrhosis). She is a teacher who is also learning a lot on her journey.

Karen recently wrote The Liver Loving Diet, a book that shares easy methods for eating a low sodium and healthy protein diet when living with liver disease.

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