Kay is a liver patient who is serious about improving her liver health. A true Mississippian and lifelong scholar, Kay attended Murrah High School in Jackson, Mississippi (class of 1959) and continued her studies at the University of Oklahoma, Ole Miss, and MS College where she earned her Master’s degree.

Kay is a member of MENSA International and a former columnist for the Northside Sun in Jackson, Mississippi. Everyone can learn from positive example, which is why we were excited to interview her about her own battle with cirrhosis and how to learned to live after her diagnosis. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your personal struggle with liver disease. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your initial diagnosis so that others can learn from your story? What was your reaction when you first found out you have a liver condition?

I went for a routine doctor visit and was given a diagnosis of mild cirrhosis. My dad died of liver cancer in 1984, so I felt I had been handed a death sentence. A month later, the doctor wanted to see me again. He had some more info… not cirrhosis but fibrosis. He made sure to tell me that fibrosis often leads to cirrhosis. So, I spent a couple of months scared and watching my diet VERY closely.


Being diagnosed with a liver disease can be life-changing. How has your life changed since your diagnosis?

I’m aware of EVERYTHING that I’m tempted to eat and form my grocery list online, checking the Nutrition list of everything!!


Before your diagnosis, did you ever worry about your liver-health—how educated were you on the topic of liver disease?

I never gave my liver a single thought. I was not educated about the liver and had NO IDEA how important it is!!


How are you currently doing? Does improving the health of your liver become easier with time?

I’m doing SO much better now. My first Fibroscan scored 276. They said it “should be” under 240. After 3 months of dieting, cussing, and praying, I scored 222!!! They said, “Whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it!”


What has your treatment process been like?

Every night before bed, I relax with an Amsety Bar. No matter what mistakes I make during my daily diet, I know my liver will rest well with an Amsety Bar.


What is the most difficult part about maintaining a liver-healthy diet?

Not knowing the saturated fat content of foods when eating out. So, I just eat smaller portions now.


How has Amsety helped you improve your liver-health, and would you recommend Amsety bars to other liver patients?

Amsety has been an answer to my prayers. All the nutrients are amazing, rolled up in one delicious bar. I will have an Amsety Bar every day from now forward.


What piece of advice can you give to someone is newly diagnosed with a liver condition?

There is SO much more information about the liver than there was when my dad had liver cancer. Thanks to the Amsety team, I believe my life and my liver will live happily ever after for a long, long time. Thank you, Amsety!