Your Liver-Healthy Holiday Day-by-Day Guide



The holiday season is extremely stressful for your liver.

Your liver is a vital and important organ that processes everything you put into your body.

Liver disease is caused by an accumulation of fat in the liver cells, most commonly due to an over consumption of fatty and sugary foods. Learn more about liver disease and its causes here.

Amsety has put together 16 tips that will help you support your liver health during the holidays.


16th of December – Prepare in advance 

Prepare your liver healthy breakfast the night before. By preparing your breakfast the night before you save some time in the mornings. Quick and easy overnight oats are a fantastic plan ahead breakfast. If you are not much of a sweet person in the mornings prepare all of the ingredients for a yummy liver healthy omelet the night before that you can just through together in under 2 minutes in the morning. Try making our Peanut Butter Amsety Waffles here.


17th of December – Break a sweat

There is plenty of lounging around during the holiday season. To help you get in shape and help you stay fit over the holidays go for a 20-minute jog or walk every morning until you break a sweat. Breaking a sweat everyday will assure a small dose of daily exercise.


18thof December – Go back to black

Stay away from the sugar filled festive drinks. If you are looking for a caffeine boost, stick to black coffee with no milk or sugar. Black coffee even contains liver health supporting benefits. Meanwhile a venti-sized Starbucks signature Gingerbread Latte contains 14 teaspoons of sugar and 523 calories per person. Liver health experts believe that sugar is one of the most important food properties to avoid for a healthy liver diet.


19th of December – Meat-free Monday

There tend to be a ton of high calorie and meat filled meals over the holidays season. In the run up to Christmas start replacing meat with a plant-based protein alternative like chickpeas or lentils at least once a week. Plant-based proteins are much easier for your stomach to digest as opposed to meat-based protein.


20th of December – Don’t shop hungry

When food shopping on an empty stomach people tend to stock up on unhealthy snacks that they don’t need just because they are hungry. Avoid the temptation when doing your Christmas supermarket shopping and have a healthy snack before you do your shopping.  A great option for liver healthy snacks are Amsety Bars. Amsety Bars are free of refined sugars, gluten-free, dairy-free, low in sodium, organic, kosher, and include our patent pending Super 16 Mix of Vitamins and Minerals. They are also the perfect on the go snack or meal replacement. Amsety Bars are the first nutrition bars that support liver health. Learn more about Amsety Bars here.


21st of December – Avoid Temptation

The holiday season is full of sweet treats and temptation. Don’t miss out on holiday treats. Learn how to make your own yummy, liver healthy, Christmas treats that you can enjoy guilt-free. With a couple of adjustments, you can make tasty liver healthy treats. Use fruit as a natural sweetener and replace milk chocolate with rich dark chocolate. Get some ideas for sweet treats on our website. Check out our Heart Shaped Chocolate Covered Strawberries recipe or our amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter Dough Balls recipe.


22nd of December – Nuts for nuts

Today is the perfect time to snack on some nuts. Swap out your usual less-healthy snack for some nuts, full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals which will help you support your liver health over the holiday season. If you prepare a bowl of your favorite mixed nuts and just leave them out, easily accessible, you will eat more of them than you expect. You might convince your friends and family into opting for a healthy snack too. A bowl of your favorite mixed nuts is also a great snack to have around on Christmas day.


23rd of December – Snack time

When we are out and about and get hungry, we tend to stop for a quick unhealthy snack or fast food. To avoid getting hungry and reaching for the fast, easily accessible, unhealthy food options, always have a liver healthy snack on you and ready to eat.

There are many liver healthy snack options, including fresh fruit, nuts, and Amsety Bars, among others. Learn more about Amsety Bars here.


24th of December – Walk off your dinner

Start going for an after-dinner digestion walk. Take your family and friends along too. Going on a short walk after dinner is a great way to get in some well needed exercise before dinner whilst enjoying the Christmas lights and the festive season with your family and friends. Your body will appreciate the exercise!


25th of December – Manage your leftovers

Most people cook in excess over the holidays and are left with tons of leftovers. When planning a liver healthy Christmas, leftovers can be great! Leftovers of liver healthy meals make it possible to have liver healthy meals already prepared and ready for the next day. These are perfect to take to lunch, eat on the go or just have ready as a fast and easy no-fuss meal. When stored well leftovers can keep for various days. This can help you prepare a couple of easy access meals in advance.


26th of December – Warm your body with vitamins and minerals

During the cold Christmas season learn how to warm yourself up by making your favorite winter soup filled with all of your favorite vitamins and minerals. Soup is the perfect meal during the holiday season, it is inexpensive, really easy to make and easy to enjoy. If you would like to try a new, easy, liver healthy soup recipe try one of the ones we have on our website. Give our Butternut Squash Soup recipe that is full of liver supporting vitamins and minerals a try here.


27th of December – Take your Liver Health Score

Are you leading a liver healthy lifestyle? The Liver Health Score is a free online tool that was created by liver health experts to help you find out if your lifestyle supports your liver health. Take your Liver Health Score once every day to see the progress in your lifestyle habits which support your liver health. Make the necessary lifestyle changes daily and start the year supporting your liver health.

Take your Liver Health Score  here!


28th of December – Swap the soda

Stop grabbing a soda when looking for a refreshment. Sodas can contain up to 39 grams of sugar per can. Regularly drinking soda could contribute to developing a fatty liver disease. When craving a soda swap the soda for liver healthy alternatives like hot or iced tea, fresh lemonade, fruit and herb infused water or sparkling water, with no added sugars of course.


29thof December – Discover new foods

According to liver health expert’s nutrition is the main driving factor for liver disease.  Nutrition can create and help cure a liver disease all at the same time. There are tons of vitamins and minerals with amazing liver health benefits that you still have no idea about. Learn more about a healthy liver diet and discover new foods that contain incredible liver supporting benefits which you can easily implement into your liver diet today.


30th of December – Learn about liver health

Now that the new year is about to begin it is time to get really serious about liver health. We want to help with that. Our liver health experts have put together a completely free Liver Health eBook. Learn how to support your liver health with Amsety Bars and a balanced diet, with our patients guide to liver health. Download our FREE eBook here.


31st of December – Avoid alcohol

It is necessary to avoid alcohol when supporting liver health! A lot of people tend to celebrate New Year’s Eve with alcohol. Alcohol is not necessary to enjoy the night. Find alcohol free alternatives to replace the alcohol with. You can also replace champagne or cocktails with tasty non-alcoholic cocktails that you can make yourself. Make your cocktails with an extra dose of fresh vitamins and minerals. These cocktails are perfect to celebrate the New Year with.


We hope that our healthy holidays day-by-day tips helped make your holidays slightly easier and of course liver healthy.

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