Did you wake up today in the morning, motivated and full of energy but just in a few hours realized that today would be anything but a productive day?

Amsety has analyzed some scientific studies and found: the reason for this lies not what we do or how, but when we did it. Therefore, there is a perfect timing for everything we do. The following ten tips should help you to optimally structure your day in the future:

1. Drinking Water
Right upon waking up, we should drink a glass of warm water. This has to become our usual morning ritual since it helps our body compensate the fluid loss during the night and restore energy to the proper functioning of the body.

2. Exercise
We should do our workout before the breakfast, especially if we want to lose weight. This better stimulates fat burning.

3. Carbohydrates
In the morning, our body needs carbohydrates. Carbs are an important energy source for the muscles as well as for the brain. For example, our brain itself needs 120g of glucose per day, the greatest part of which has to be consumed already in the morning. High carbs breakfast is especially important for those who do sports in the morning, before meals. It helps restore the glycogen and water level in the muscles and allows you feel well-fuelled and thus better relaxed after the training. Our suggestion – consume 50-60% of your daily carbs for breakfast and do not forget about Amsety Bar! With only 200 calories per bar, Amsety Bar contains 26g of healthy and organic carbs making it a perfect ingredient of your morning meals.

4. Coffee
The best time for coffee – after 9.30 am. At this time a stress hormone cortisol and our energy level are at their highest levels, so we do not need the caffeine energy kick until later on. Then it has even a better effect.

5. Concentration
The most important work which requires the highest concentration and focusing should be done in our “biological prime time”, i.e. at the time of the day when we have the most energy. This definition was formulated by Autor Sam Carpenter. He also recommended to avoid caffeine, sugar and alarm and keep a productivity diary.

6. Appointments
Tuesdays 10.30 am is a good timing for a job interview, since this is the most relaxing time of the week for the interviewer. Never schedule an appointment at the beginning or at the end of the day or around the lunchtime.

7. Breaks
Midmorning is a good time to have a small pause. This allows us to accumulate energy for the whole day. It is enough to do something that comes easily to us.

8. Siesta
We should definitely have a siesta. This short afternoon nap between 2 and 3 pm works wonders, according to the Mayo Clinic. 10-30 minutes can be absolutely sufficient. This helps us overcome the afternoon sleepiness and sleep better at nighttime.

9. Meetings
Tuesday 3 pm is a perfect timing for the meetings. Most of the people are available and can better prepare themselves for the appointment in the afternoon.

10. Creativity
We should generate creativity and brainstorm at the end of the working day when we are totally exhausted. At this time our brain is too tired to filter out unnecessary information from consciousness, which, according to the latest studies, boosts our imagination instead.


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