Your liver needs regeneration

When it concerns the whole organism’s health, the liver is one of the most important organs of our body. That is why taking regular measures to support your liver in its regeneration process is an essential part of liver care.

The liver is a connecting point of many key processes in our body. Everything that finds its way to the human body goes through the liver. The liver is the one to decide what is good and what is bad for the organism.

Thus, after being metabolized by the bowel, all food components go first to the liver. The liver processes all ingredients according to the individual needs of the body and then sends them to the relevant organs if required. This organ can store all those natural nutrients and vital substances that are not needed immediately and use them later.

Furthermore, the liver produces the bile important for the digestion and then hands it over to the gallbladder. Since the liver is Nr.1 detoxification organ, it eliminates toxins and makes sure that they won´t harm our organism.


No toxins can hide from the liver
Various toxins find their way to the liver through our skin, through the nutrients we consume and even air we inhale.

Like a real defense mechanism, the liver protects our organism against harmful substances all around the clock and day to day. With the help of special enzymes, liver eliminates the toxins through the bowl and kidneys. Strong cytotoxins arising from the breakdown of toxic substances can also damage the liver cells.

At this moment the liver shows its real superpower. The liver is a unique organ of human body capable of self-regeneration. For this, the liver produces a sufficient amount of complex fats, the so-called phospholipids. However, the regeneration process, as well as the liver cleansing, can only successfully take place, if the level of toxicity is acceptable and if the liver is healthy and fit.


When does the liver get overloaded?
The number of toxins, which have to be daily filtered out of the blood through the liver cells, rises continually over decades.

Apart from the body toxins, our usual daily habits, such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs, and medications, also constitute a significant strain on the liver.

When the liver is not able anymore to filter the harmful substances out of the organism, the toxins go back to the blood circulation and on their way can cause serious damage to the body.

Another problem is that the liver is not capable anymore of producing a sufficient amount of phospholipids for the repair of its damaged cells, which can seriously affect the liver function.


Help your liver to regenerate itself
The liver is a very rejuvenating organ. Even when a half of it is damaged, it can regenerate itself and function properly once again, of course, if the injurious factors will be avoided in the future.

The more you are willing to unburden your liver and naturally support it in building cells, the quicker your body will benefit from the results of your liver friendly measures.


This Is How You Can Relieve Pressure On Your Liver and Enhance the Liver Cleansing Process:

  • Consume high-quality products: When purchasing the foods, make sure they do not contain any pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Healthy food from controlled organic cultivation is always the best choice.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating: Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables should be very thoroughly cleaned.
  • Avoid ready-made meals: Do not buy any conventional ready meals, since they contain very harmful sugar and fat preservatives, apart from various artificial additives. When consumed in large quantities, such ingredients can negatively impact the liver regeneration. 
  • Refuse from Alcohol and nicotine: Even small quantities of it can affect your liver, especially during its regeneration phase.
  • Drink clean water: Filter your tap water using a water filter or use mineral water for cooking. 
  • Use non-toxic household cleaners: Use exclusively ecological cleaning products, since the chemical vapors coming from the detergents, enters our body through breathing and ultimately ending up in the liver.
  • Use natural cosmetics: For the same reason, use only organic products for the daily care of your hair and hands.

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Take care of your liver and stay healthy!


Learn about how to keep your liver healthy by watching this short video