August is an exciting month with all kinds of events such as the international sports events in Brazil! Fans from all around the world cheer their favorite athletes and countries on. At Amsety, we want to make this month very special and healthy for you so we are introducing our Liver Fitness Days from August 5th – August 17th!

Amsety invites you to make these 17 days work effectively for your liver, by joining our very own Amsety Liver Fitness Team! Each day we will provide you with healthy tips for your liver, recipes, and motivation from our Amsety Liver Experts! We will also have special offers weekly for your chance to win FREE Amsety Bars to support your liver health!

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As member of the Liver Fitness Team, we want to make sure you are getting the right nutrition. To get you set up, we have created a special offer just for this month.

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Amsety Bars:

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